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Digital Signage

Based on HD flat-screen TV display technology and dynamic rich media technology, its self-developed multimedia information Distribution system (innFOR IDS) is the leading technology in the industry: embedded technology frame and large size, high resolution and high definition LCD display technology, it adds on the basic function of Digital Signage.

  • An information billboard in the lobby;
  • A promotional flashboard in the restaurant;
  • A door card in front of meeting room;
  • Supports multi formats and contents, multi display modes;
  • Immediate pause and cut-in and many other information Display functions;
  • Realizes centralized control and monitor of display terminals;


It can be deployed in all the areas with just a centralise machine.


  • Support Banquet Management System such as Delphi
  • Support mainstream PMS
  • User friendly interface: Banquet/Event staff, Sales staff and front desk staff can utilize the system
  • WEB based UI is easy-to-use by authorized personnel

Opio IDS


IDS Network Diagram Solutions

IDS Network Diagram