Video Conference Series

The instant telepresence experience designed for the executive office or high-end collaboration room available anytime you need it. It offers an exceptional advanced optical touchscreen technology for fast and accurate writing and presentation.

With optimal camera height, dual enormous Full-HD LCD screens and crystal-clear videom the EVO-D65LHA delivers an unparalleled user experience and allows executives to truly see eye to eye. Ideal for telepresence studios, executive offices, high-end conference rooms, showroom floor and digital classroom.

Digital Guiding Series

We design, implement and support Digital Signage installations in a variety of settings such as: reception areas, meeting rooms, dining areas, retail facilities, restaurants, shopping malls, government buildings, hospital, theatres and rail stations. Virtually any organisation seeking effective public messaging can benefit from incorporating the Digital Signage Technology

Info Window Series

24″ high definition vertical digital signage are available inwall / onwall and standalone model. Ditial Signage gives stores the edge they are looking for over the competition helpung to increase revenue while keeping costs under control. Retail digital signage has a proven track record of success for Point-of-Sale. In store TV, Restaurant, Shelving / Product Selectors, Car Parks / Entrance Ways and Shopping Mall Common ways.

Artistic Digital Frame Series

24″, 37″, 42″, 47″, 55″, 65″ various sizes high definition classic digital frame are available in on-wall model only.

The luxury classic wooden frame design and High Definition technology combines and become a piece of art object. You may upload your favourite pictures and camcorder HD video from your PC. Ideal for gift, photo studio and photo gallery.


  • Luxury classic wooden frame design
  • Full High Definition display
  • Full remote control
  • Playlist schedule
  • Rollover subtitle (optional)
  • Time On/Off
  • File preview
  • USB/LAN/WiFi content update
  • High definition video, picture and music playback

QHD Touch Display

The 65″ Quad Full HD Display drive the highest resolution of 3840 by 2160 with 9 Mega-Pixels, 500cd/m2 brightness, 2000:1 high contrast ration and color depth up to 1391 thousand billion colors. In addition, it comes with an exceptional advanced optical touchscreen technology. It can take more advantages in the various high-end display applications like Medical, security purpose, multimedia and satelite communication application, etc …


  • Corporate media display and professional presentation
  • Military and Defense
  • Medical display control rooms
  • Broadcasting and video conferencing
  • Surveilance and Security Public Information display
  • Energy/Power/Water plant
  • PLM-EE Project Design Review, ASIC Circuit design review
  • Home theater

Digital Whiteboard Series

200″ interactive whiteboard ideal for lecture room, organisations, studio and conference room.


  • Interactive touch whiteboard
  • Digital whiteboard application
  • Aluminum frame design
  • High durability