Designed and engineered in America and Europe, TeleMatrix brand telephones are beautifully engineered to the highest standards for quality and reliability.

TeleMatrix 9600 Series cordless and 3300 Series corded telephones offer a stunning custom designer option of 7 color inserts to accent or match hotel guest room and office decor.

No Puck Needed–Save $10–$15/Room
Installing TeleMatrix 3300 or 9600 Series telephones equipped with PassPort™ RJ45 laptop ports eliminates the cost of installing a High Speed Internet connection “puck” in the hotel guestroom. Eliminating costs of $10 to $15 per puck generates immediate savings that can be directly attributed to TeleMatrix technology.

Future Designed Telephones
Design is an evolving process and today it’s on a fast track, with LCD screens, touch controls, smart equipment, and clean crisp colors and lines. Go ahead, stand out, by selecting telephones that will keep pace with the design directions of today and tomorrow. Distinctive, attractive faceplates and stunning custom colour inserts allow you flexibility in color-coordinating your rooms.

Customers Prefer Eco-Friendly
TeleMatrix products are all RoHS compliant – meaning they are made with lead-free materials. Europe established the standard in February, 2003, and California has passed SB 20: Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003, or EWRA. Consumers are letting their preference for environmentally friendly products be known. Get ahead of the trends by disposing of your old lead-laden products and investing in RoHS products now. Customers appreciate your commitment to a cleaner, safer environment.

Long Life, Less Replacements
TeleMatrix telephones are exceptionally long lasting. Our low return rates result from quality assurance manufacturing processes, and TeleMatrix customer service. Frequent phone replacements adds up quickly, so the quality phones you buy today saves real money in the long run. In addition, our 5-Year “No Hassle” Warranty (available on many models) provides assurance that your phones will work as promised the first time, every time, or we will repair or replace them immediately.

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