Digital signal is an emerging demand High-end hotels have been seeking a new resolution to meet the new demands: the in-room high-definition digital TV system must bring superior visual and audio experience to guests. Is Hotel ready for this challenge? High-definition is an incoming trend Western countries have already popularized high-definition digital signal as their standard TV signal. High Definition Content

  • Enable HD TV channels
  • Theater quality HD movies
  • Hotel information & promotions in HD
  • HD digital Magazine

Customized Interactive Service Platform

  • Easy-to-use universal remote control
  • Information on demand(i.e. flights, weather etc.);
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG) service (as available)

Popular Interfaces

  • Various PMS interface authentication including Opera, OnQ etc.)
  • Support wide-range TV Interfaces
  • Room Automation interface
  • Other special interface demand (DVD, iPhone, iPad, Electronic Peep-hole etc.
  • Customized UI design

An example of the UI:

  • Greeting message with General Manager’s signature.
  • Supported in multi-language; Welcome Page can display appropriate language according to the guest’s nationality; the system retrieves the data from PMS.
  • Group guests will have a tailored Welcome Page on which the meeting itinerary and agenda will be displayed.
  • The system will display specific Welcome Page to the guests if there is a special occasion such as the guest’s birthday, Christmas etc

Service Platform

  • The common service modules are including My Hotel, Special Offer, Dining/Restaurant Outlets, Movie, TV Channels, Other Entertainment and Travel Information
  • My Hotel introduced the property such as Hotel facilities and room types to the guest in vivid HD pictures
  • Travel Information provide the guests with useful information such as flight schedule of nearby airport’s, world time, currency exchange and so on…