iRiS Guest Valet

iRiS Guest Valet

Allow guests to access and interact with the complete range of facilities and services on offer at your hotel.


iRiS Guest Valet is an interactive application which replaces the traditional guest welcome pack with up-to-date, live destination information and enables guests to purchase in-room dining, shop for products both internally and externally, book spa treatments, interact with hotel systems such as the TV or Room Controls, access local maps and attractions and even airport and flight information.

Content and operations management is controlled through our cloud-based iRiS Manager, which allows content changes to be made instantly and enables two-way messaging with guests in any language.

The application works on Android or iOS tablets and is fully integrated with a large number of IPTV, RMS/BMS, POS, & PMS systems as well as external, web based bookings and reservations systems.


iRiS Guest Valet key features.

User Friendly
Everything a guest needs; iRiS is easy to use and offers an interactive, multimedia experience.

Powerful Back-End Solution
Supported by a sophisticated web-based app management system which includes messaging and alerts, language management, system integrations, content management and reporting.

Can be fully tailored, bespoke to suit your business’ needs and adhere to your brand guidelines.

Provides options for guests to select multiple languages, child protection settings and much more.

Room control
A unique interface makes it easy to control devices and allow your guests to adjust their lighting, heating and even their curtains.

Possible to integrate with other systems within your hotel such as PMS, IPTV, POS, RMS/BMS reservation systems and service monitoring systems.

Powerful Marketing Tool
Provides guests with access to a wide range of content for internal and external products, services and information. Offers the ability to push offers and promotions to guests.

Real Time Analytics
Powerful reporting tool to record guest requirements or movements and measure popular products and facilities. Up-to-date information can be retrieved at any time.

Guest survey
Send relevant guest satisfaction questionnaires prior to check-out, ensuring a high percentage of feedback.

Web based
The back-end management system can be accessed from anywhere and content changes are instant.