JAZZ Fusion

Leverage Your Guest Internet Service to improve the guest experience, maximize service profitability, and simplify on-property complexity. Manage Profitability. Manage Simply. Move beyond old discussions of chargeable versus free guest bandwidth. Move beyond generic vendor branded content and complex support requirements over to personalized and guest-centric content and digital services centrally managed to your guest rooms and across your properties. JAZZ Fusion provides you an opportunity to design and brand your own internet services; all while serving guests and visitors more effectively and while increasing profits.

Improve The Guest Experience

Continuously evolve online content and services that implement your guest experience strategies. JAZZ Fusion is a managed technology from which to unify or differentiate guest online experiences across one or many properties.

  • One JAZZ Fusion platform can provide targeted and personalized content and service pricing packages to specific guests and groups within and across multiple properties.
  • One JAZZ Fusion platform can present customized content and service pricing packages to distinct locations within a property and to locations across multiple properties.

Simplify Technology Management

Manage from a single platform. JAZZ Fusion is a single managed technology that consolidates and simplifies your management of guest broadband.

  • One JAZZ Fusion platform can provision combinations of wired and wireless broadband services within and across multiple properties.
  • One JAZZ Fusion platform can provide multiple methods of guest and group access authentication within or across multiple properties.
  • One JAZZ Fusion platform can dynamically present and offer one or many payment and posting methods using direct embedded integration to one or many front and back office systems.

One Integrated Point To One Or Many Front/Back Office Systems

  • A customizable portal that is dynamically presented to guests and groups at different locations across one or many properties.
  • An authentication engine to control access to your guest network.
  • A dynamic billing and pricing engine that implements custom pricing policies for groups and locations across one or many properties.
  • A dynamic content management engine to present customized content at different locations and to different groups across one or many properties.
  • Embedded integration with hotel systems to enable dynamic authentication, dynamic pricing, and real time posting of charges.
  • Management services to monitor operations, analyze, and optimize both profits and the guest experience.

Accelerate Your ROI

JAZZ Fusion quickly generates a return on your investment. JAZZ Fusion requires a low up front capital investment and a small monthly recurring fee that allows you to establish returns quickly. Simplify Further Through Voice and Data Convergence. Manage voice and data from a single JAZZ Fusion solution. JAZZ Fusion enables you to provision and bill for both high speed internet services and voice services in an integrated way.

We Make It Easy.
How can we help? Success is the sum of technology and its effective management and use. JAZZ Fusion provides both the technology and the management services to help you expand Internet profits, improve the guest experience, all while simplifying your day.

Confirm Your On-Property Guest Network.
We help you assess your network infrastructure design and its ability to support guest services.

Design Custom Packages and Price.
We assess your guest Internet revenues and help you with marketing, pricing, and other profit optimization strategies.

Customize The Portals.
We will work with you to adapt the Fusion portal content to your guest experience, pricing and packaging strategies.

Manage The Technology.
We can directly manage the JAZZ Fusion technology within your data center facilities or can manage JAZZ technology within our own data center. We monitor all systems and their interfaces and work with you to resolve problems.

Measure and Adapt
We directly monitor and manage your JAZZ Fusion revenue and can help you look for new profit and guest experience opportunities.