Internet Access Management

Internet enables the organizations to reduce costs and communicate with the outside world, as well as brings about great number of commercial opportunities. However, the lack of proper Internet access management poses numerous troubles to the company. Internal users may browse the news, chat about private things or buy or sell securities during the business hour, the results of which are the drop of work efficiency and decrease of turnovers. Besides, lack of Internet access management may also cause bandwidth abuse, information security, legal issues, network security and other problems.

SANGFOR Internet Access Management Series

An essential tool for your IT management

Network visualization

Three steps to show the IT manager an accurate map of network traffic. First is to identify user, URL, application and file type and all the network elements. Second is to audit all the network activities as well as related content (IM chatting, email, etc.) Last is reporting. Reporting help us better understand the network and ease the management.

Layer 7 application control and URL filtering

Based on strong identification capabilities and full network visualization, IAM provides comprehensive and detailed controls over URLs and applications. As you can control the websites and application access of internal users the way you want, SANGFOR IAM frees you from the challenges of low work efficiency, data leakage, and improper Internet access.

Maximize bandwidth utilization and acceleration

Benefit from caching features, the duplicated data is cached in RAM or disks of IAM. When users access these data, IAM gets the data from its cache and returns the data to the user, significantly enhancing the access speed; Besides, IAM allows IT manager to allocate the bandwidth reasonably based on user/group, applications, file type, websites and schedule, helping to maximize bandwidth utilization.

Proxy and security

IAM upgrades the security level with full security features: HTTP proxy; Socks5 proxy; Terminal security-level detection; Malicious Script and Plug-in; Filtering/blocking risky page; Gateway anti-virus; Firewall.

Internet Access Management solution for hotel networks

  • We do guests authentication for you!
  • We reduce 1/3 of network traffic and do traffic shaping to allocate bandwidth flexibly by application, user and schedule for you!
  • We provide full online protection measures to you!

They all managed to provide five-star Internet access experience to hotel guests with a SANGFOR IAM appliance.