TRITON is a suite of applications to help hotels improve guest service and staff productivity.

Rapid Response
TRITON Rapid Response module automates the handling of guest requests, complaints and maintenance jobs, thus ensuring high quality service and high staff productivity

Auto-calls & Alerts
Receive information on your mobile phones, based on custom-defined events, guest movements and service requests.

Glitch module allows you to effectively manage your service breakdown issues and guest complaints. It allows you to capture, track, investigate and effectively close the service issues that inconvenienced your guests.

TRITON Mobile for smartphones gives you the freedom to manage your hotel while you are on the move. Through this easy-to-use application, you can register and manage jobs, access guest list and other information, set custom alerts, access housekeeping data and many more.

TRITON HK automates daily Housekeeping activities, resulting in dramatic increases in productivity and guest satisfaction.

Advanced PMS Interface
TRITON’s 2-way, second generation interface to the Micros OPERA property management system offers advanced features that greatly enhance your ability to maximize guest satisfaction.

It is a powerful web-based Equipment Maintenance System that allows Engineers to stay on top of all of their maintenance obligations

Communication Interfaces
TRITON integrates with hotel’s central communication system and interfaces with a range of devices to suit the hotel’s needs.

BMS Interface | FAS Interface
The BMS Interface facilitates effortless monitoring of the hotel equipment and frees up the engineers to move out of the control room and focus on other important tasks.
The FAS Interface enables instant alerts to hotel management and staff in case of any alerts triggered by the hotel’s Fire Alarm System.