Wallich Residence

The Legacy Honouring famed botanist Dr. Nathaniel Wallich. Located on Wallich Street, Wallich Residence bears the name of distinguished Danish surgeon and botanist Dr. Nathaniel Wallich, whose own legacy has contributed substantially to Singapore’s reputation as a Garden City. Wallich’s passion for the region’s rich flora and fauna gave rise to the Botanic and Experimental Garden in 1822, the forerunner to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, today a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located from the 39th to 64th floors, 180m to 290m above sea level, Wallich Residence is home to a limited collection of 181 luxury residences, comprising one- to four-bedroom units, four penthouses and one exclusive super penthouse. Exceptional design, impeccable detailing, and four levels of stunning amenities elevate the luxury lifestyle to breathtaking new heights.

Wallich Residence occupies the highest floors of Tanjong Pagar Centre, an ambitious vertical city that comprises a dynamic mix of commercial, residential, retail, hotel and urban park components.

Being the tallest residential building in Singapore, Wallich Residence had not just put their selling point on just their view. The 99-year tenure property is an integrated development, making it a convenient one-stop-shop for most of your daily necessities and a destination for entertainment and relaxation.

Prestige Solutions is then in charge of the mirror TV installation for the 190+ rooms for the residential, including the splendid super penthouse. Using the Liquid Crystal Display technology, research and development has brought leisure element to the bathroom.

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