Free Standing LED Wall

Prestige Solutions is bringing in a new product in our list– Mobile LED Wall. Focusing on the 138-inch version, we had then remodified the normal LED panels we knew, into a whole new solution display.

With multiples discussion, testing and modeling, we had finally end up with the final version Free Standing LED Wall which can solve the various issue that people had when using a normal display for meetings or events.

Combining both iOS and Android wireless connection.

The core of our Free Standing LED Wall is to provide full-solutions and improvement for meeting rooms display. After multiples redesigning, it comes with a strong adjustable machine lifter for the display as well, supporting full weight of the LED screen. With the highest brightness of 700nits and height of 2400 mm, it is proved that it can also be used in wide-space areas as well. We recommend our free standing LED to be used in places like conference room, VIP room, event hall, office entrance lobby, fitness centre or classrooms.

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